A downloadable game

Title: Dream World

Type: Arcade

Genre: Puzzle/Adventure

Creator: Gin Manson

Date of release: 27/06/14

Platform: PC

Price: free to download


Players can operate the boy in this game. The task is to protect the girl from enemies and other dangerous and clear all the barriers on the road. The boy is a ghost in this game, the girl cannot see him. The game will finish only when the girl comes to the blue fire safely.


You can walk and jump on the ground and some items.

You can fight with the feathers on your wings.

You can enjoy my painting while playing.

You can try imagine about the opening ending.


Hi everybody, I am a oversea student at Media Design School. This is my first year here and this is my first game in my life. The game should have more levels if the accident which damaged the game file did not happen to me. I will try to redo the game in the coming holiday. Before that, hope you will like my Dream World. Your supporting is my biggest power.


E-mail: 534724754@qq.com


DreamWorld.exe 32 MB